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Media Center

Media Specialist

Sweetwater is fortunate to have a fantastic media specialist: Mrs. Gruenewald!  Her media program includes: 

  • Lessons for students in grades K-5 on literature, computer skills, and researching skills.
  • Assisting students in finding and checking out books.
  • Training 5th grade students to be on Sweetwater's "News Crew" who run Sweetwater's WSES morning news show each day. 

Media Center

The Media Center is the literacy and information center of the school for students, teachers, and the parent community. Media resources supplement and complement classroom instruction, enhance teaching and student learning, as well as satisfy social, cultural and literacy enrichment needs.

The students at Sweetwater love to visit the Media Center. We have an electronic card catalog, which makes finding books easy and fun. Students may check out two books a day and one of them may be reading counts. Even parents can have a library card and they may borrow up to 5 books checked out on their card.  Our large computer lab offers students the opportunity to learn skills and perform child safe internet research.

READING COUNTS is a motivational reading program sponsored by the Media Center staff. With over 5,000 RC titles available in our library, and over 40,000 RC quizzes to choose from in the quiz bank, students can enjoy building comprehension skills and keeping track of the books they read! There are exciting prizes and honors, as well.

How Reading Counts Works:

  • Students read books from the media center, classroom, public library, home, etc.
  • The Reading Counts books have an easily identifiable label on the spine and cover.
  • After the student reads the book, he/she can then take a quiz on the book, in the classroom or the media center.
  • If the student passes the quiz, she/he is awarded the points designated for that book. A student can take the test twice, but not on the same day. If a student has already taken a quiz on a book and passed, he/she cannot take the quiz again.
  • Reading Counts Quiz List A-J
  • Reading Counts Quiz List K-Z

Media Center Access

The Volusia County School district has a process in which parents can select their student's level of access to the school media center collection each year: 

  • Unlimited (Students default to unlimited access if Media Center Access Form is not filled out.)
  • Limited
  • No Access

Parents can access the form to tell the district their preference using the link below. The parents' choice will be recorded in Destiny, the district's library book circulation system.

School Card Catalog (Search for Book)